Business areas

Drei firmeneigene LKWs, Fahrzeugflotte, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

We offer customised solutions in these areas

  • privates Schwimmbad, Swimmingpool, Geschäftsbereich Schwimmbad private, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Our product range is targeted towards professional swimming pool manufacturers and comprises numerous components needed for building and maintaining a swimming pool.

  • Schwimmer in öffentlichem Schwimmbad, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, Geschäftsbereich Swimmbad public

    A one-stop shop from treatment of the swimming pool water to cleaning accessories.

  • Visual Despro

    Clever products, individual concepts and neat problem solutions with personal advice are our quality features.

  • Kind trinkt sauberes Wasser, Wasseraufbereitung, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Competence in and around water.

  • Geschäftsbereich Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG, Lagerhalle CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Raw materials, chemicals and intermediate products for use in a wide range of sectors of Swiss industry. Consulting included.

  • According to the motto of filling up cheaply and quickly, we operate two petrol stations. One in Zurich, which offers petrol and diesel, and another in Brugg, which provides diesel and AdBlue. Our first-class fuel quality meets all the standards that modern motors need to run. Whether it is company vehicles, small cars or lorries: […]