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DESPRO – easy, clean.

Dirt deposits in swimming pools, schools, hotels or homes are not only an eyesore but can also represent a potential health risk.

According to the motto “Hygiene for wellbeing”, we have been developing and manufacturing highly specialised products under the brand “DESPRO” since 1974 for cleaning, disinfection and swimming pool water treatment. The products are still developed and produced in Switzerland today. The comprehensive product range includes formulas that are tailored precisely to the requirements of indoor and outdoor pools, schools, hospitals and homes.

The traditional trademark now belonging to CHEMIA BRUGG AG is now launching a new design. The logo has been reworked, but despite its new look offers a high recognition value. Clearly structured labels and a fresh design characterise the new look of the products. The applications and dosage can be seen at a glance through icons. The pH value is represented graphically on a scale and the product name is easily readable on the front and side due to a circulating label.

“DESPRO – Simple. Clean.”
The new claim embodies in a simple but striking manner what the new era of the brand stands for.

The DESPRO product categories

Using the five accent colours violet, red, blue, green and yellow and the associated visuals, the various product categories are clear. You can quickly and easily identify the product you are looking for for the usage purpose.

The violet product category includes alkali cleaning agents. Here you will find efficient all-purpose cleaning agents as well as special products for the cleaning of gymnasium and industrial floors. Or with our Sanifit you can quickly and efficiently remove e.g. hair, soap residue, grease and other organic particles from any syphon or drain.

Despro Alkasal, stark alkalischer Grund- und Unterhaltsreiniger, entfernt Öl-, Fett- und Schmutzablagerungen in Sanitär-, Schwimmbad- und Saunaanlagen

The DESPRO products with a red-coloured label are the acid basic and maintenance cleaning agents. These products offer the efficient cleaning of all acid-resistant materials and surfaces. The effectively remove mineral soiling.

Despro Closon Gel, WC-Gel, Unterhaltsreiniger für Toiletten und Pissoirs

Matching the shimmering of clear water, the product category for the swimming pool is in blue. Efficient flocking agents or highly concentrated algicides belong to this group. Our overwintering agents for making spring cleaning easier are available with or without a biocide.

Despro Floxid Flockungsmittel entfernt Trüb- und Schwebestoffe im Badewasser

Whether it is damp wipinf oil, stone or surface cleaners – our green product category comprises all neutral cleaning agents. These DESPRO products are suitable for all types of floor and surfaces and apart from cleaning also offer optimal protection.

Despro Stein-Clean Steinreiniger gegen Flecken, Russ und Verfärbungen auf Steinflächen im Aussenbereich

Our yellow product category comprises the various disinfectants. These are used to combat bacteria, viruses and fungi, whether for equipment, textiles, saunas, for large or small surfaces or as a foot fungus prophylaxis. At DESPRO you can find a suitable disinfectant for almost every application.

Despro Bactex Spezialdesinfektionsmittel zur Bekämpfung von Bakterien und Pilzen
Reinigung öffentliche Schwimmbäder, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsmittel Despro

Three highlights from the product range

Disinfectant cleaning agent

DES-PAN is an alkali disinfectant cleaning agent on the basis of quaternary ammonium compounds. It is particularly suitable for cleaning and disinfecting all water-resistant surfaces and equipment. DES-PAN does not cause water stains and dries without smears when wet wiping.

Despro Des-Pan, Desinfektionsreiniger, geeignet zur Reinigung und Desinfektion sämtlicher wasserbeständiger Oberflächen und Geräten
Surface cleaner

Ready-to-use pH-neutral and therefore skin-compatible universal surface cleaning agent for windows, mirrors, chromium steel, plastic and synthetic resin surfaces. Serves the removal of grease smudges, adhesive residue and fingerprints. Swift dries without smearing and leaves a pleasant fragrance and lasting shine.

Despro Swift, universeller Oberflächenreiniger für Fenster, Spiegel, Chromstahl-, Kunststoff- und Kunstharzoberlächen
Hygiene combination cleaner

Highly effective, acid, perfumed maintenance cleaning agent for swimming pools, showers and sanitary facilities. As a hygiene combination cleaner, it is suitable for removing limestone and body grease on acid-resistant surfaces. Not suitable for marble, artificial stone, light enamel and non-acid-resistant materials.

Despro Kalex, Hygiene Kombi-Reiniger, für Schwimmbäder, Duschen und Sanitäranlagen

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