An overview of our services

  • Maintenance and repair of all swimming pool components
    Apart from personal customer care, the maintenance and repair of all swimming pool components are par for the course for us. We especially attach importance to the repair of pool robots, filter pumps and dosing devices, so that customers can enjoy their pool at all times. If repairing the components is not possible at our headquarters, our specialists can also visit you directly on site.
    Do you have defective equipment or would like to calibrate your photometer?

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  • Double-wall container: Varibox and TWIN barrel
    Can you not place barrels or IBC on catch basins? We have double-wall containers for you that provide you with the necessary safety, e.g. the TWIN barrel 220 litres or the Varibox with a 1000-litre or 250-litre volume. These containers can be used without catch basins, are available with comprehensive accessories such as extraction systems and emptiness notifications and are recognised by cantonal authorities.
  • Training
    We are happy to share our expertise and give you practical advice on the use and handling of our products. Together with you, we set the focal points of the training event on your site or in-house on our premises, so that you can make the most of your equipment.
  • Disposal advice
    You don’t know what to do with your used chemicals? We would be happy to help you choose the most suitable option and can help with carrying it out or handle it completely ourselves. A wide network of other experts assists us with this.
  • Customised manufacturing and filling
    Our systems and facilities allow the manufacturing of products according to your specifications and formulas. We have access to a large stock of raw materials and can otherwise easily procure the necessary materials. High-performance filling systems put together your product in the specified container. Our marketing department will help with designing labels for the containers. Our regulatory department checks that the final product meets all regulations.
  • Logistics
    Are you looking for a storage place for your products and raw materials? We would be happy to store your goods and send them whenever requested to your location or directly to your customers. Our site allows the storage of almost all hazardous substances and our logistical processes and fully digitised. WLAN throughout the site allows warehouse management in real time, so you know at any time how many of your goods are situated where.
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