Geschäftsbereich Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG, Lagerhalle CHEMIA BRUGG AG

Raw materials, chemicals and intermediate products for use in a wide range of sectors of Swiss industry. Consulting included.

Our product portfolio comprises raw materials, chemicals and intermediate products that are used in a wide range of sectors of Swiss industry. We offer comprehensive technical advice: we explain to you how to use our products, achieve further progress with novel raw materials and comply with regulatory specifications at all times.

  • Additive, Industrie, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Sometimes the right additives are needed for a product to achieve the required properties. We provide you with the necessary additives for this.

  • Basischemikalien, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    We supply you with the basic chemicals for your applications and processes: a wide selection of acids and alkalis are stocked at our tank farm and are filled according to your requirements.

  • Entschäumer für Einsatz in wässrigen Tensidlösungen, für Lebensmittelkontakt, für Betonfliessmittel, Industrie, CHEMIA BRUGG

    Whether it is ventilation or a foam destroyer: we will find the right defoamer for your technical application. Our products are based on silicones or fatty alcohols and are also suitable for contact with food.

  • Gase, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    We supply Swiss industry with special gases for processes and innovative and high-performance end products. Our aim is to meet your requirements with first-class raw materials and services.

  • Öle, Aliphatische und acyclische Öle, Weissöle, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Our oils are used for a wide variety of applications. Traditional natural aliphatic oils, innovative synthetic white oils and the purest silicon oils. Discover our product range.

  • Filtration mit innovativen Filtermedien,

    Many compounds used in your processes and products reach you as salts. Discover our wide range of crystalline chemicals.

  • Silikonprodukte CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Silicones have made their way into a wide range of sectors and applications. We offer you a wide choice of silicone products.

  • Lösungsmittel, Industrie, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Not just water – which you receive as the highest purity solvent (LF < 0.009 mS) from our reverse osmosis system – but also many other substances will act as solvents for your substances. We stock a wide range of different solvents for you.

  • Spezialchemia, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

    Our range of specialities is as wide as your usage purposes. For more than a hundred years, we have been supplying our customers with the required chemicals and can rely on a mature network of suppliers that is being constantly widened – to meet your requirements.

Your contact persons

Manuel Pallás

Field sales for industry

Tobias Schild

Director of Technology, Quality & Safety

Denise Hauenstein

Sales back office for public swimming pools, Aquafun & basic chemicals

Monika Kofel

Sales of ammonia & liquid chlorine

Stefan Albrecht

Field sales for industry & water treatment

Alexandra Kaiser

Sales of specialities & private swimming pools

Calvin Bieri

Project Manager for private swimming pools