• A
    • Aktivkohle, Wasseraufbereitung CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Our product range comprises a number of different active carbon types that are suitable for use in a variety of applications.

    • Additive, Industrie, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Sometimes the right additives are needed for a product to achieve the required properties. We provide you with the necessary additives for this.

    • Badegast auf Schwimmring im Pool, Aquafun, Sport- und Spielartikel CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      The right accessories provide more fun in the water and can represent valuable additional business.

    • AQUEA Schwimmbadwasserpflege, Pflegeprodukte CHEMIA BRUGG AG für private und öffentliche Schwimmbäder

      Over 40 years of experience in swimming pool water treatment is brought together in a product line.

  • B
    • Basischemikalien, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      We supply you with the basic chemicals for your applications and processes: a wide selection of acids and alkalis are stocked at our tank farm and are filled according to your requirements.

    • Outstanding swimming experience with BINDER reverse flow systems

  • C
    • Reinigung öffentliche Schwimmbäder, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsmittel Despro

      Since the 1970s, we have been developing high-quality cleaning and disinfecting agents under the brand DESPRO. Our experience is your advantage.

    • With the optimal cleaning accessories, you will save time and physical effort, without compromising deep cleanliness. You can complete the task significantly more efficiently with our articles.

    • Konditionierungsmittel, Wasseraufbereitung CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Our product portfolio comprises oxygen binders and micro-biocides, alongside corrosion inhibitors and metal passivators. Send an enquiry.

  • D
    • Entschäumer für Einsatz in wässrigen Tensidlösungen, für Lebensmittelkontakt, für Betonfliessmittel, Industrie, CHEMIA BRUGG

      Whether it is ventilation or a foam destroyer: we will find the right defoamer for your technical application. Our products are based on silicones or fatty alcohols and are also suitable for contact with food.

  • F
    • Filter- und Pumpentechnik, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, private Schwimmbäder

      Filters and pumps must meet high standards. Our product range exceeds these expectations and boasts product highlights that are second to none.

    • Filtration

      As a competent partner for public swimming pools, we also cover the area of filtration with innovative filter media, efficient filtering aids and filter technology.

  • G
    • Gase, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      We supply Swiss industry with special gases for processes and innovative and high-performance end products. Our aim is to meet your requirements with first-class raw materials and services.

    • Allgemeine Desinfektion, öffentliche Schwimmbäder, Schwimmbad public, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Harmful germs spread particularly easily in humid and warm environments. Our range of highly specialised disinfectants provides a suitable product for almost every area of use.

  • I
    • Schwimmerin springt ins Wasser, Infrastruktur öffentliche Schwimmbäder, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      With the right basic infrastructure, you can create optimal conditions in your pool for the wellbeing of all bathing guests. Our product range includes prize-winning swimming ropes, as well as springboards, starting blocks and much more.

    • Ionenaustauscher, Wasseraufbereitung CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Removal or retrieval of substances from various solutions through the use of our ion exchangers.

  • L
  • M
  • O
    • Öle, Aliphatische und acyclische Öle, Weissöle, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Our oils are used for a wide variety of applications. Traditional natural aliphatic oils, innovative synthetic white oils and the purest silicon oils. Discover our product range.

  • P
    • Kunststofftechnik, Wasseraufbereitung CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Many systems engineers in the field of water treatment trust in the quality of our products. So can you.

    • Poolheizung und Entfeuchter, private Schwimmbäder, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Individual pool temperature with smart heat pumps and heat exchangers.

    • Poolroboter für Reinigung von Boden, Wänden und Oberflächen, BWT, CHEMIA BRUGG AG,  private Schimmbäder

      So that you can enjoy bathing in your own pool to the full throughout the season, it is important to clean the pool regularly.

    • Rohre und Fittinge aus PVC, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, private Schwimmbäder

      Our pipes and fittings made of PVC have perfectly attuned tolerances.

  • S
    • Filtration mit innovativen Filtermedien,

      Many compounds used in your processes and products reach you as salts. Discover our wide range of crystalline chemicals.

    • Silikonprodukte CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Silicones have made their way into a wide range of sectors and applications. We offer you a wide choice of silicone products.

    • Lösungsmittel, Industrie, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Not just water – which you receive as the highest purity solvent (LF < 0.009 mS) from our reverse osmosis system – but also many other substances will act as solvents for your substances. We stock a wide range of different solvents for you.

    • Spezialchemia, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Our range of specialities is as wide as your usage purposes. For more than a hundred years, we have been supplying our customers with the required chemicals and can rely on a mature network of suppliers that is being constantly widened – to meet your requirements.

    • Varibox, IBC, Chemikalienlagerung und Dosierung, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Clever concepts for the safe storage of chemicals without construction measures are available from us. Warehouse regulations can therefore be met where there is no collection basin for hazardous substances.

    • Schwimmbadabdeckungen, WaterBeck, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, private Schwimmbäder

      WaterBeck is characterised by the highest individuality with a focus on precision, quality and service. Flexibility through variety is a further plus point worth mentioning.

  • W
    • Wasseranalytik, Lovibond Analysesystem, Wasseraufbereitung, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Our analysis systems and our expertise are in demand everywhere where precise and efficient analyses are essential, also for challenging applications.

    • Wasseranalyse mit Lovibonnd

      Future-orientated analysis solutions by the market leader Lovibond.

    • Wasserpflege mit hth-Produkten, private Schwimmbäder, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      Product innovation for water treatment is the focus of the group strategy

    • Wasser, Wasseraufbereitung, öffentliche Schwimmbäder, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      The treatment of swimming pool water has been one of our core competences for a long time. It is therefore scarcely surprising that we are among the leading providers with wide expertise.

    • Wellness, Dampfbadzusätze, Saunaaufgusskonzentrate, Schwimmbad public, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

      We stock steam bath additives and sauna infusion concentrates in first-class quality.

    • Schutzausrüstung, Arbeitsschutz,

      Products that are necessary for safe working with chemicals complement our portfolio.