Entschäumer für Einsatz in wässrigen Tensidlösungen, für Lebensmittelkontakt, für Betonfliessmittel, Industrie, CHEMIA BRUGG

Whether it is ventilation or a foam destroyer: we will find the right defoamer for your technical application. Our products are based on silicones or fatty alcohols and are also suitable for contact with food.

In many processes, there is interference by gaseous bubbles or foam in the process water or other liquids. Foam that has formed can be destroyed again by reducing the surface tension of the micelles or even before it even occurs by removing the gaseous components. Our products will help you with this.

Process water with surfactants – such conditions are common in a range of applications. Our KORASILON Defoamer GD 30 was developed especially for these conditions. It is suitable for use in strongly acid as well as moderately alkali waters.

  • KORASILON Defoamer GD 30

With the authorisation of BfR and FDA, KORASILON Defoamer FG allows the combatting of foam in food processes. In addition, the requirements of Detergent Law are fulfilled and the product can be used in washing and cleaning agents. KORASILON Defoamer FG is a non-ionic emulsion on the basis of polydimethylsiloxane.

  • KORASILON Defoamer FG 10
  • KORASILON Defoamer FG 10

KORA Defoamer B-AC is manufactured on the basis of alkoxylates and serves together with liquifiers on the basis of polycarboxylate ethers the purpose of setting the air pore content in building materials. We also offer alternatives when using liquifiers on the basis of lignosulphonates.

  • KORA Defoamer B-AC
  • KORA Defoamer TE
  • KORA Defoamer TRE

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