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Many compounds used in your processes and products reach you as salts. Discover our wide range of crystalline chemicals.

Sodium chloride? Hydrogen sulphate? Ammonium bifluoride? Magnesium sulphate? Calcium chloride? The world of salts is vast and we are bound to have the right one for you. Our network allows quick access to salts if we do not have them in stock. And as salts like to absorb water, we also have anti-clumping qualities for you. Ask us.

The well-known Swiss salt for technical applications. Available in 25kg sacks.

  • 4440 Reosal fine, moist, 800 kg palletised 32 x 25 kg
  • 4470 Reosal tablests, 1’000 kg palletised 40 x 25 kg
Reosal CHEMIA BRUGG AG, Schweizer Salz für technische Anwendungen, Industrie

NaOH solid, caustic soda – widely used pH setting! Despite the hygroscopic properties of the compound, our micro-pearls are largely unsusceptible to clumping.  

  • NaOH solid, 1’225 kg palletised 49 x 25 kg

The alternative to NaOH, also with a low tendency to clumping

  • KOH solid, 1’000 kg palletised 40 x 25 kg

Copper sulphate with anti-caking agent for avoiding unpleasant clumping.

  • Copper sulphate, 1000 kg palletised 40 x 25 kg

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