Special chemicals

Spezialchemia, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

Our range of specialities is as wide as your usage purposes. For more than a hundred years, we have been supplying our customers with the required chemicals and can rely on a mature network of suppliers that is being constantly widened – to meet your requirements.

Apart from basic chemicals for setting reaction conditions and solvents for reactivity, for chemical reactions the right reaction partners are also required, so that syntheses unfold as they should. And there are a lot: over 300,000 industrial chemicals are produced worldwide. We do not have them all in stock but would be happy to procure them for you.

It is sometimes a long way to an end product. We supply you with the chemicals that you need for syntheses. Send us an enquiry!

We make your products colourful! Our decades of experience in trading with colourants led to a network of renowned manufacturers with introduced brand colourants and cost-effective alternatives from new manufacturers. Tell us the required CI or colour point and we will provide you with products.

Spezialchemia, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

Are you looking for chemicals that are difficult to obtain? Our wide network will come up with an option. Send us an enquiry with your required specifications.

Your contact persons

Calvin Bieri

Technical consultant for private swimming pools

Alexandra Kaiser

Sales of specialities & private swimming pools

Monika Kofel

Sales of ammonia & liquid chlorine

Denise Hauenstein

Sales back office for public swimming pools, Aquafun & basic chemicals

Stefan Albrecht

Field sales for industry & water treatment

Tobias Schild

Director of Industry / Director of Safety, Technology & Quality