Öle, Aliphatische und acyclische Öle, Weissöle, Industrie CHEMIA BRUGG AG

Our oils are used for a wide variety of applications. Traditional natural aliphatic oils, innovative synthetic white oils and the purest silicon oils. Discover our product range.

What characterises oils? They cannot be mixed with water! This results in excellent usage possibilities, e.g. as lubricants or slip agents. Surfactants, on the other hand, help to overcome the mutual repulsion of oil and water and to make stable mixes and emulsions. Discover our range of high-quality oils.

Not only fuels such as petrol, diesel or kerosene are extracted from crude oil but also a range of industrially required oils. We have a wide selection in stock at all times, e.g.

  • Vaseline oil
  • Paraffin oil, thin fluid (paraffinum perliquidum)
  • Paraffin oil, thick fluid (paraffinum subliquidum)

As an alternative to oils refined from crude oil, a procedure was developed by Shell that can extract various synthetic products from available crude oil. We sell synthetic pure white oils with clearly defined properties.

  • Shell Ondina – various types
  • Shell Risella – various types

Your contact persons

Denise Hauenstein

Sales back office for public swimming pools, Aquafun & basic chemicals

Stefan Albrecht

Field sales for industry & water treatment

Alexandra Kaiser

Sales of specialities & private swimming pools

Monika Kofel

Sales of ammonia & liquid chlorine

Manuel Pallás

Field sales for industry

Calvin Bieri

Project Manager for private swimming pools

Tobias Schild

Director of Technology, Quality & Safety