Since 2018 at CHEMIA BRUGG

Besim, what are you responsible for at CHEMIA?
I am a specialist consultant in the public swimming pool division.

What do you particularly like about working at CHEMIA?
The cohesion, the cooperation and the flexibility. In other companies, there is great competitiveness, while for us “togetherness” is very important. We help and support each other wherever we can.

Why are you now practicing this profession at CHEMIA?
I feel valued and appreciated and can actively contribute to the success of the company. More than ever, I feel the motto “If the company is doing well, I am doing well.” We do not just work for CHEMIA BRUGG, instead it is part of our lives.

In your opinion, what can a potential new employee look forward to at CHEMIA?
To an exceptionally vibrant, flexible and very exciting company in which each individual employee is valued.

What have you experienced in the years at CHEMIA that you will always remember?
We attended Swiss Bad and after a very interesting event we shared a meal with our invited guests. It took place in a very casual setting. It was a wonderful get-together for our customers and CHEMIA.