Since 2006 at CHEMIA BRUGG

Denise, what are you responsible for at CHEMIA?
Sales back office, Basic Chemicals & public swimming pool.

What do you particularly like about working at CHEMIA?
The pleasant “casual” atmosphere, close customer contact and very varied work. I can work independently and under my own responsibility. In addition, every day presents new challenges.

Why are you now practicing this profession at CHEMIA?
Because I still enjoy it after nearly 17 years and there is no change on the cards.

In your opinion, what can a potential new employee look forward to at CHEMIA?
To approachable colleagues, a lot of variety, exciting challenges and innovation.

What have you experienced in the years at CHEMIA that you will always remember?
The many personal customer contacts at events and trade fairs have always been a highlight. And then of course there are the employee events! These have provided many an unforgettable evening.