New cooperation with Diamant Pool

CHEMIA BRUGG AG takes over the official representation for Switzerland of Diamant Pool swimming pools.

Diamant Pool is a renowned manufacturer of exclusive stainless steel pools and polypropylene pools that meet the highest quality standards. The family-run company has been working in the pool industry for 29 years. The pools are made to measure and produced in any shape, thereby offering maximum flexibility to make customers’ dreams come true. The cooperation between Diamant Pool and CHEMIA BRUGG AG is an important strategic decision in order to meet the high demands of Swiss pool customers.

Seamless pool walls
The Diamant INOXline pool has completely seamless walls up to a length of 10 metres. This unrivalled design guarantees straight, smooth and joint-free surfaces, eliminates the corrosion risk and ensures an exclusive appearance without welds along the entire pool length.

Production and technology of the highest standards
Only Diamant INOXline pools are welded using one of the world’s most advanced welding robots, which guarantees the unique quality and perfect look of the weld seams. We are the only ones who produce pools for you with this timeless and highly innovative technology. The weld seam quality is not dependent on the human factor and meets the highest standards. The auxiliary weld seams are made by our trained specialists and diligently checked during the subsequent outgoing inspection.

The “AL-FA” SYTEM – ALL in Factory
The pool is delivered right to the site as a finished one-piece pool. This reduces the installation time and minimises the construction measures required. The delivery of ready-made one-piece pools minimises the risk of accidents on site, furthermore there is no pollution by chemicals and less personnel on site. The pool can be installed quicker and can be used within hours. Leak testing, passivation and other treatments are already carried out in the factory.

Construction and material thickness
As a leading manufacturer of polypropylene pools, we use high-quality polystone material with excellent chlorine and UV resistance for the 12mm walls and the 8mm base.

To ensure extra stability, lateral reinforcing ribs made of Paneltim® are welded on every 60cm to make any backfilling easier. The top edge of the pool is also reinforced.

Our pools are delivered as standard with 4cm of polystyrene insulation on the side walls. This ensures more pleasant bathing temperatures.

Classy design
We reduce weld seams as far as possible. For example, the corners are formed on a CNC folding machine and not welded. This ensures a perfect look. In addition, built-in parts such as inlet nozzles can be flush-mounted.