AQUEA swimming pool water treatment

AQUEA Schwimmbadwasserpflege, Pflegeprodukte CHEMIA BRUGG AG für private und öffentliche Schwimmbäder

Over 40 years of experience in swimming pool water treatment is brought together in a product line.

Wellness for the pool

We already started specialising in water treatment for the swimming pool many decades ago. This longstanding experience and contact with producers worldwide were decisive for the development of the AQUEA line.

AQUEA focuses the whole expertise and integrates the best products from around the world, as well as products from our own development and production.

The right treatment of swimming pool water can be a real challenge. Simply built-up care steps that can be easily identified through colour coding on the label facilitate the treatment. The water in the swimming pool can therefore be kept hygienically pristine with little effort. Details such as an integrated measuring scale for the 1-litre bottles also facilitate the adding of the correct quantity of the treatment agent.

Apart from the striking properties of the AQUEA line, it also boasts optimal value for money.

The pH value is the measurement for the acid or alkali properties of the water on a scale of 0 to 14. The neutral point is a pH value of 7.0. The ideal pH value of swimming pool water is from 7.0 to 7.4. An ideal pH value is the precondition for optimal disinfection. Outside of the ideal pH value range, the disinfectant properties of most products diminishes significantly.

The pH regulation product group comprises:

  • AQUEA pH-Minus
  • AQUEA pH-Plus
  • AQUEA pH-Fix
Produktfamilie pH-Regulierung AQUEA, pH-fix, pH-Minus, pH-Plus, CHEMIA BRUGG AG

The purpose of disinfection is to destroy microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, algae, mould and fungi that are widespread in our natural environment. Swimming pool water is particularly susceptible to the formation of bacteria and algae. Many bacteria trigger infectious diseases. The AQUEA disinfection products ensure that there is no infection risk for bathers.

The disinfection product group comprises:

  • AQUEA Rapidchlor 50
  • AQUEA Speedychlor 66
  • AQUEA Tabbylong 88
  • AQUEA Granulong 88
  • AQUEA Multichlor 360°
  • AQUEA Calhypo 70+
  • AQUEA Oxypronto
  • AQUEA OxyTabs
  • AQUEA Broma

The occurrence of algae in outdoor pools is a very widespread problem. Apart from being an eyesore, they can also be dangerous, as they make surfaces slippery. Green algae are the most common. It usually floats in the water but can also be deposited on pool walls and in corners. The growth of algae usually starts where there are stagnant pools through a lack of water circulation in the affected area. AQUEA No Algin Extra is available against largely chlorine-resistant algae strains such as yellow algae and black algae.

The algae prevention product group comprises:

  • AQUEA NoAlgin
  • AQUEA NoAlgin Extra
  • AQUEA OxyBlue
  • AQUEA Winterclear

Additional care for every pool. This AQUEA product signifies clearer water and targeted solutions to problems. Products from this AQUEA line supplement the basic treatment of the water.

The Comfort Plus product group comprises:

  • AQUEA Floxibion
  • AQUEA Floxipad
  • AQUEA Calcistop

Our cleaning products are especially developed for use in the swimming pool and despite a high cleaning efficiency they are gentle on the material.

Our cleaning product group comprises:

  • AQUEA Lineaclean
  • AQUEA Folioclean
  • AQUEA Cleany Pool
  • AQUEA Filterflush

Specially conceived liquid care products are available for use in automatic dosing systems. Due to their chemical purity and special formulas, these cleaning substances together with the dosing systems ensure optimal water quality. The large containers keep the work within a minimal area. The dosing is directly from the delivered container.

The automatic treatment product group comprises:

  • AQUEA pH-Minus Liquid
  • AQUEA pH-Plus Liquid
  • AQUEA Liquichlorine
  • AQUEA Novachlorine
  • AQUEA Oxyfluid
  • AQUEA Floxiliquid

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