Cleaning accessories

With the optimal cleaning accessories, you will save time and physical effort, without compromising deep cleanliness. You can complete the task significantly more efficiently with our articles.

Making cleaning work significantly easier physically

From algae brushes to joint brushes to cylinder bottles: the right accessories facilitate work. We therefore offer a wide range of products that help you to store chemicals, as well as clean your swimming pool and treat the water.

We would particularly like to highlight our Ocean® line. The Ocean® deluxe cleaning accessories stand for quality of the highest standards – design, development and manufacturing in Austria. The exceptional design goes hand in hand with mature product properties. The floor cleaner in the deluxe line reduces your time and effort through intelligently arranged brushes. You receive a 5-year guarantee against casing or frame breakage and a 10-year replacement part guarantee on selected Ocean® products.

Our product range includes spraying devices from the leading manufacturer, characterised by a spirit of innovation, the highest quality standards and presence on the market. Lasting quality made in Switzerland for professional use in challenging tasks.

In specialist jargon, the term microfibre refers to all synthetic fibres with a fineness of less than a decitex. This technical measurement unit refers to the relationship between the length and thickness of the fibres: one decitex (dtex) means that 10,000 metres of this fibre only weigh one gram. Due to its exceptional fineness, the fibres are very soft to touch, as well as being very resistant to pilling owing to the high fibre density.

Did you know that the first mop was patented in 1837 in Massachusetts? Efficient cleaning would be unthinkable nowadays without this practical aid. Apart from various wiping implements, we also offer pads and pad holders, as well as brushes and squeegees.

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