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Since the 1970s, we have been developing high-quality cleaning and disinfecting agents under the brand DESPRO. Our experience is your advantage.

Despro – cleaning and disinfecting agents from our own development and production

Thorough and environmentally friendly treatment of the surfaces to be cleaned, as well as of the surrounding materials, is important for a clean swimming pool in the long term. In the process, we are making a contribution to a hygienically clean and healthy environment, improving the quality of life and maintaining the value of the facility. Thanks to our decades of experience, we supply our customers with high-quality products that come primarily from our own development and production.

According to the motto “Hygiene for wellbeing”, since 1974 we have been developing and producing products for cleaning, disinfection and swimming pool water treatment under the brand name DESPRO.

Clever products, individual concepts and neat problem solutions with a personal touch are our quality features.

Here you can find out more about our product range.

Stone slabs and paths that bear the brunt of the weather can soon deteriorate in appearance. The porous surfaces are also favourable for stubborn deposits. In our product range you can find secret weapons for removing such deposits easily and giving floor surfaces, sculptures or stone decorations a pristine appearance again.

A clean swimming pool requires the right products for restoring its pristine appearance after the winter break. Thanks to our longstanding experience and intensive customer dialogues, our product range comprises everything needed to clean all types of pool, including acid base and rust cleaners. With our high-quality products, you can ensure your pool retains its attractive and maintained appearance whilst saving valuable time.

How often the floor needs to be cleaned depends how many staff or visitors go in and out every day, whether floors are subject to particular works and soiling, or whether they are in a reception area. The frequency of floor cleaning can therefore differ widely, from several times a day to weekly. Discover our high-quality products for professional floor cleaning.

Showers and changing rooms in communal facilities are especially challenging when it comes to hygiene. Where many people come together and there is high air humidity, germs spread particularly quickly. Especially in shower facilities, biofilms can form, and fungi are also particularly at home in warm and humid environments. Apart from a hygiene concept, effective cleaners play an important role in inhibiting the risks of pathological germs.

Window cleaning is a chore for most people and keeps being put off. However, clean windows are important for the overall appearance of your swimming pool. Glass panes soiled by rainwater or dust suggest subconsciously that the house owner does not attach much importance to order and cleanliness. Our specially developed formulae for windows and smooth surfaces will restore everything to smear-free brilliance in no time at all. We would especially like to highlight our product DESPRO Kalvit, which combines the properties of a window cleaner with those of a descaler and is therefore ideally suited to calcified and greasy glass and synthetic surfaces in indoor pools.

Hygiene is particularly important in sanitary areas. Limestone deposits and urine scale can be very tough to remove. With our selected cleaning products, it is possible to remove such deposits efficiently. For example, our Calisso is highly concentrated and brings together the power of different acids to get rid of urine scale and limestone.

Welcome to a new way of cleaning! The PLS SprayWash™ system is a unique, quick and efficient system for cleaning and disinfecting and can be used for a wide range of requirements. You only need water, a hose and SprayWash™ tablets!

You can find the instruction video here.

The basic principle of ecological cleaning agents is to be less of a burden on the environment, primarily on water sources. We are of the conviction that efficient cleaning can go hand in hand with sustainability. Our balanced range of innovative cleaning products will persuade you too and help to take care of the environment. It is scarcely surprising then that our product lines are enjoying increasing popularity.

Scrubbing and suction machines draw water with cleaning agents down to the floor surface, scrub this surface with a brush or roller and then suction all the water up again with the help of the suction bar, which is usually at the back of the machine. The machines are fitted either with a disc brush or a roller brush. The scrubbing and suction machines have two tanks: one for the clean water used for cleaning, the other for the grey water reabsorbed during suction. With the professional and high-performance cleaning machines, even the narrowest of spaces are no problem. A couple of steps, tables, chairs or a lack of space around toilets meant these areas could previously only be efficiently cleaned manually. This has changed with the i-Mop – watch the i-Mop in action.

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