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Konditionierungsmittel, Wasseraufbereitung CHEMIA BRUGG AG

Our product portfolio comprises oxygen binders and micro-biocides, alongside corrosion inhibitors and metal passivators. Send an enquiry.

Everything for water conditioning

With our special products, we optimise the performance of systems in the field of boiler water and feed water, as well as cooling cycle water conditioning.

Boiler water is often the cause of problems in steam generation. In the field of boiler water conditioning, it is about the binding of residual oxygen and the prevention of boiler scale deposits. The right conditioning of the water prevents the formation of deposits or your system being decommissioned due to corrosion. The use of corrosion and incrustation inhibitors guarantees the smooth operation of your unit, together with an oxygen binding agent and – depending on the specifications of the system manufacturer – an alkalising agent for pH regulation.

The conditioning of water in district heating networks, hot water generators, warm water and heating systems is by means of oxygen binders, dispersing agents (for preventing hardness and iron oxide deposits) and alkalising agents for pH regulation.

Cooling water treatment is by means of corrosion and deposit inhibitors for open and closed cooling water cycles, air washers and cooling and air conditioning units. In addition, a dispersing agent ensures the cleaning of the systems. Using biocide, the growth of algae and biofilms is suppressed.

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