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Filter- und Pumpentechnik, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, private Schwimmbäder

Filters and pumps must meet high standards. Our product range exceeds these expectations and boasts product highlights that are second to none.

Filter & pump technology is the centrepiece of every pool.

This is why it is so important to carefully select the filter pumps and filters.

It raises the question of how to select a filter. The calculation of the filter size depends on the filter volume flow (Q). This is calculated based on the pool volume (V) – including the equalisation container for pools with overflow drains – and the circulation time (t). The circulation time (time for a complete water exchange) depends on the location and use of the swimming pool and for outdoor pools is approx. 4 hours. The size of the filter is determined by calculating the nominal volume flow through the filtration speed of 30 m/h (for private pools). Here you can find a calculation example.

The pool filter is the key component for keeping the pool water clean and hygienic. Our choice of filters leaves practically nothing to be desired. From a high layer filter to compact filter systems, you can find the suitable system for every situation. We would particularly like to highlight our filter series BREGENZ II. Through the special construction, inspection and maintenance of the filter are significantly facilitated. The filter body is made of isophthalic resin, resilient glass fibres and UV-resistant Gelcoat. The geometry of the filter body has been constructed to be optimally suited to high pressure. The careful choice of raw materials and coherent application solutions guarantee the highest mechanical resilience against the constant work pressures such as pressure fluctuations, closing/opening of the valve, starting/stopping the pump etc.

For our high-quality polyester filters, we recommend the glass filter medium NatureWorks, which has a purity of 99.999% and boasts fewer backflush procedures thanks to the anti-condensing technology.

The greatest pool enjoyment requires the best water quality and cleanliness without compromises. Modern filter media such as NatureWorks Hi-Tech Filter Media improve the consistency of the water and contribute to an undiminished bathing experience.

NatureWorks is a filter medium made of new glass granulate, which serves as a replacement for the quartz sand in all standard filters available on the market, used for water filtration both in households (swimming pool) and in industry. It is the only filter medium for water treatment that offers maximum performance, reusability, energy/water/chemical savings, certified purity and absolute safety in installation, whilst being an ecological, recycled and reusable product that reduces the environmental impact of water treatment.

Thanks to its progressive anti-condensing technology, its smooth edges and its polyhedric morphology, it prevents the occurrence of biofilm and chloramines. The filter medium therefore does not require a flocking agent and reduces pressure loss to a minimum. The quality is guaranteed by international product, production, water treatment and traceability certifications. Our glass filter medium filters fine particles significantly better than quartz sand and achieves filtration sharpness up to 1 micrometre (sand 20 micrometres).

The question arises as to why quartz sand should be replaced by glass, if it works.

Quartz sand soon clots. This promotes the formation of bacteria and also leads to higher consumption:

  • Chemicals due to the bacterial load
  • Water due to lack of backflush
  • Energy due to higher pressure of the pump

as well as:

  • Low filter performance after a certain period
  • Limited lifespan

The regular backflush of the filter is an essential maintenance step. It is recommended to carry out the backflush 1x per week for 3 to 5 minutes. Only this way can one ensure that filtered dirt is removed from the system. To make sure this step is not forgotten, this procedure is taken over by our automatic backflush valves of the AQUASTAR® series.

Even older systems can be easily refitted with fully automated backflush valves, reducing maintenance requirements. You can see in this video how easy and quick the conversion from a manual to a fully automated backflush can be.

Nothing works without a swimming pool pump

The function of the filter pump can be compared to the heart in the human body. It drives the filter process and regulates the speed of the filter process.

The pool water reaches the pump through the skimmer or the overflow container. Suctioned through the integrated prefilter and directed into the filter at a defined speed I(30 m/h is recommended), the water is filtered. What is decisive is a suitable performance in relation to the pool size, as well as compactness, energy efficiency and noise during operation.

Our filter pump DAVB – E.Pro is impressive in all respects. The DAB – E.Pro is a very quiet and energy-efficient swimming pool pump with an integrated sieve basket. It combines highly modern technical hydraulic parts, frequency converter technology, a highly efficient, water-cooled motor and a flow meter. With these properties, the rotational speed can be adjusted and the filtering and backflush is particularly quiet with the water-cooled motor.

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