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A complete range of high-quality ABS and V4A mounting parts in various colours and variants leave

Our varied world of mounting parts

The hydraulics in swimming pools are often underestimated, even though the correct number and positioning of inflow jets, skimmers and floor drains are an important basis for clean water. We offer a wide range of mounting parts for all types of pool. We attach great importance to functionality combined with aesthetics. You can find a recommendation for the right hydraulics for skimmer pools below:

Length (m)789101011
Width (m)344455
Depth (m)
Volume in m331.54854607582.5
Inflow jets 1x pro 5-9 m2 water surface4668810
Skimmer 1x pro 20-36 m2 water surface111222
Floor drain111111

True to the motto “Details make the design”, our partner PERAQUA has developed the new V4A Ocean® parts series. The purist and linear design and many practical details characterise this product range. As an example, the Ocean® V4A flood skimmer series 500 & 700 PRO offers the highest water lines for skimmer pools, as well as an integrated bracket for an automatic level sensor. The d50 overflow ensures operational safety and an integrated backfeed d20 ensures a stable, high water line after the backflush process.

Apart from the Ocean® parts series of V4A, we have developed the Circle Line System – engineered and made in Switzerland – in our portfolio. This system stands for exclusive swimming pool parts with stainless steel bezels (v4A brushed). Combined with the screw-in adapters made of polyoxymethylene (POM), maximum flexibility is achieved with all the known parts such as inflow jets (with or without ball jet), LED lights, PIEZO keys. Get to know this unique solution in our product folder.

The unique modular system of Ocean® parts made of ABS allows the exact configuration of the design and colour of the pool according to customer wishes. The Ocean® parts are suitable for installation in all types of pool – concrete pools, foil pools and ready-made pools. All the products from our parts programme are resistant to chlorine, UV rays, salt water and ozone and conform to DIN EN 16582-1.

Many clever details offer decisive advantages:
A water level sensor integrated in the skimmer that prevents the pump from running dry. Or an inner thread insert made of stainless steel, which facilitates the changing of the pool foil even after many years. Not least, a 5-year casing breakage guarantee and a 10-year replacement part delivery guarantee prove that no compromises are permissible.

WaterVision is specialised in the development and production of LED underwater lighting for swimming pools and saunas. As a European market leader from the Netherlands in the high-quality sector, all the LED lights are suitable for private and public areas. At the same time, Water Vision strives for the lighting solution with the greatest energy efficiency, with a lighting/watt ratio that has been continuously optimised over the years. The lights are compatible with the holders made by Wibre, Lahme, BEGA, MTS and Astral.

You can find out more about our underwater spotlights here.

Get more out of your pool. With the BINDER counterflow system – made in Germany – this is now possible. The unique turbine-driven counterflow system brings a natural swimming feeling into your home. It generates a pleasant and powerful flow that flows evenly around the body. The system is therefore suitable both for wellness treatments and for endurance swimming training. The flow can be individually regulated through remote control, Piezo keys or an app.

The counterflow system is suitable for fixed installation (for new constructions) or refitting.

Would you like to try out the unique swimming feeling with our counterflow system yourself? Then contact us for a trial swim near you. We would be happy to advise on the selection of a suitable counterflow system.

Water attractions create a particularly inviting atmosphere in the pool. Relaxation through targeted massages turn bathing into an experience for all the senses. With our water attractions, the swimming pool can be designed and upgraded variously, creating a very individual wellness oasis!

An insight into our product range is available here.

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