Pool robots

Poolroboter für Reinigung von Boden, Wänden und Oberflächen, BWT, CHEMIA BRUGG AG,  private Schimmbäder

So that you can enjoy bathing in your own pool to the full throughout the season, it is important to clean the pool regularly.

Simple pool cleaning

Apart from optimal pool water treatment, the cleaning of the floor, walls and surfaces also plays an important role. The BWT pool robots facilitate the cleaning work. These little helpers ensure optimal cleaning, clear water and pristine surfaces. Those who like particular convenience can choose a model with an app connection and steer the pool cleaning via smartphone or tablet. Then there is nothing standing in between you and a beautiful and clean pool.

You can find a product range overview here.

The most important quality features:

Optimal suction performance
BWT pool robots have a stronger suction power than many other cleaners on the market. Especially thanks to the adjustable nozzles, up to double the suction power is possible. The closer they are to the surface to be cleaned, the stronger the suction performance – max. 19m²/h. The suction performance also adapts to the type of soiling to be absorbed.

Ideal for every pool type
BWT pool robots are suitable for pools of any shape and size. Thanks to their foam brushes (PVA) of a high density, BWT pool robots can handle any type of surface.

Bluetooth connection
The model P600 with an app has a Bluetooth module. With the help of a free app, this cleaner can also be conveniently controlled with any smartphone. Ideally suited to the most problematic corners of any pool. Even small pebbles can be absorbed by the pool robot. For a perfectly clean pool.

Drive system “Ultimate Power“
BWT pool robots are equipped with innovative “Breezer” technology, an efficient and robust drive. In combination with the dual motor drive and the high-performance pump for suctioning dirt particles, BWT pool robots are among the most reliable cleaners currently available on the market. The innovative drive system “Ultimate Power” also ensures the highest reliability and immaculate cleaning.

Swift cleaning
BWT pool robots move swiftly and guarantee rapid cleaning. They are fitted with the innovative and intelligent control system “Smart Navigation”. Using a gyroscope, it calculates the optimal route adapted to the respective pool for swift and efficient cleaning. The cleaning cycles are shorter and no part of the pool is omitted. The pool floor is brilliantly clean in just a few cleaning cycles and within a short time.

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