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Product innovation for water treatment is the focus of the group strategy

Experts in water treatment since 1928

Innovative Water Care (Solenis Group) is one of the leading companies in the field of water treatment for public and private swimming pools, as well as whirlpools. With a strong presence in Europe, the corporation produces and sells a wide range of products for the disinfection of swimming pool water (especially on the basis of calcium hypochlorite and isocyanates), for water treatment (anti-algae agents, water purifiers etc.), as well as cleaning agents for the pool and spa.

Water balance especially means a good setting of the pH value. The pH value is neglected far too often in water treatment, whilst being essential for the simple prevention of many unwanted effects: the development of algae, irritations of the eyes and skin, dull water etc. It also reinforces the effect of the disinfectant, the flocking agent and other water treatment products, whose optimal effectiveness depends on a neutral pH value (approaching 7.0).

EXPERT ADVICE: in case of strong fluctuations of the pH value, the alkalinity of the water should be checked with TAC. The water may require a “buffer” with the help of hth® Alkanal.

Swimming pool water is influenced by its environment and by bathing guests. It is essential for it to be controlled and regularly treated. Disinfection must be ongoing to prevent the development of microorganisms. Calcium hypochlorite is at the same time a strong disinfectant and oxidation agent, with the advantage that no cyanuric acids are generated that can lead to the overstabilisation of the swimming pool water.

Protecting water against the soiling caused by people and the environment is a task that has to be carried out regularly. This mission is perfectly accomplished by stabilised chlorine, as it is at the same time a strong disinfectant and oxidation agent. The stabilisers provided by so-called “stabilised” chlorine protect the chlorine against the destructive effect of the UV radiation of the sun.

Treatments with bromine or active oxygen offer an alternative to standard chlorine products on the market for the treatment of swimming pool water. Studies show that some users prefer products “without chlorine”, which appear more natural and are better suited to child-friendly bathing. The hth® products “without chlorine” offer bathing comfort for the whole family: odour-free and without the water irritating the eyes or skin.

Even if the swimming pool water is disinfected and has a disinfecting effect, even if it is balanced, it is influenced not only by bathing guests: wind, air pollution, insects, vegetation and ambient temperatures are interference factors for the purity of the water and can lead to dulling or discolouration. hth® offers a series of products for solving or avoiding problems in connection with water treatment.

The healing power of warm water has been known since antiquity. However, the warm water needs special care. For this reason, hth® has developed a product series especially for spa water.

Products for regular or shock disinfection, tailored to the particular requirements of a spa. Like for all families of the product series hth® Spa, the packages are customised to the water content of the whirlpool.

Products that balance the pH value or the carbonate hardness in the water. They make bathing more pleasant and enable better effectiveness of the disinfectants used.

A product series for preventing or solving problems that every spa owner is confronted with. It especially comprises agents against algae, a water purifier, a foam remover, a cleaning agent and much more.

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