Contract logistics 2.0


Better and more efficient order processing thanks to MDE scanners.

As part of digitisation, the warehouse of CHEMIA BRUGG was completely restructured and equipped for mobile data collection. Around 10 months passed from the planning phase to Go Live. Storage capacities were increased by around 500 pallet spaces and an external warehouse was additionally put into operation.

A significant step was accomplished that enables the better and more efficient handling of orders and minimises the error rate when picking and packing.

The mobile data collection devices replace the traditional paper form of commissioning. The picklist is shown digitally on the mobile data collection scanner and instructions for picking and packing are displayed accordingly. All storage spaces are indicated and the picking of an item is recorded by a scan. Mistakes are thus shown directly and can be remedied immediately.

In the first phase, the area of contract logistics is shown by the new system. The aim by autumn 2022 is to handle all commissioning orders digitally and without paper.