At the X-Perience Day 2024, CHEMIA BRUGG AG once again demonstrated how it is shaping and driving forward the swimming pool industry.

On Thursday, February 8, 2024, the X-PERIENCE DAY 2024 took place at Wydehof in Birr. The informative seminar day for swimming pool retailers provided unique insights into the latest developments in pool technology and water treatment.

Knowledge transfer and innovation in focus
The participating pool retailers, press representatives, and association representatives were welcomed by CEO Patrick Bossart and guided through a diverse agenda, ranging from informative presentations by leading experts to five interactive workshops. A highlight of the day was the informative and entertaining safety experiments, which emphasized the importance of responsible handling of chemicals in the pool sector. In addition, inspiring presentations, such as those on efficient underwater lighting and precise PVC connections, provided valuable insights for the future of the industry. Emphasis was placed on exchange among participants, creating an atmosphere of learning and networking that was particularly enriching for all involved.

A special trade fair presented innovative products and solutions that are pioneering for the future of pool technology and maintenance. Visitors took full advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the exhibits and examine them closely.

International flair and cross-border networking
With guests from Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany, the X-PERIENCE DAY offered a unique opportunity for cross-border exchange and networking. aqua suisse President Enrico Ravasio also presented new association training sessions aimed at further advancing professionalism in the industry.

Outlook for the 2024 swimming pool season
With a mix of expert knowledge and practical tips, the day provided ideal conditions for a successful swimming pool season in 2024. The event reaffirmed the role of CHEMIA BRUGG AG as a leading provider in the industry and as a platform for the exchange and promotion of innovations in pool construction.

This is what our customers say.

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