Active carbon

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Our product range comprises a number of different active carbon types that are suitable for use in a variety of applications.

We offer active carbon for a wide range of applications

Active carbon is a collective term for a group of artificially manufactured, porous carbons with a spongy structure. This highly porous, pure carbon is characterised by its big specific surface. Thanks to its adsorbing properties, active carbon is widely used to clean or treat exhaust air, water and other gaseous or liquid media. With us you can find a suitable active carbon for numerous usage areas:

Whether it is in purification plants, at printers, in moulding plants or indoor pools: exhaust air must be purified in many places before it gets back into the environment. Strict legal limit values often apply. With active carbon, we remove unwanted organic and inorganic substances from the air. This can be targeted, for example the specific bonding of residual ozone in a swimming pool. During tank overhauls, the exhaust air can be freed from odours and harmful substances. Which solution is the right one depends on what needs to be filtered out of the air. Organic substances can be removed by non-impregnated active carbon. Inorganic substances such as sulphur, hydrocyanic or hydrochloric acid require special impregnation.

The use of active carbon when treating drinking and wastewater is playing an increasingly important role. Due to increasingly strict conditions, the targeted treatment of individual wastewater flows is essential. This is used for example in the chemical industry or for removing micro impurities in purification plants. Active carbon also plays an important fole in the treatment of landfill leachate.

In the food and drink industry, active carbon is used to refine taste. The active carbon also removes organic substances or discolouration such as wine, sugar solutions or gelatins. Our active carbons fulfil requirements according to FCC (Food Chemical Codex) and can therefore be used without concerns.

Apart from water, other liquids are also treated with active carbon. In the drinks industry, active carbon ensures a constant sensory perception. This is an important criterion especially for international manufacturers. Even renowned manufacturers trust in the quality of our active carbon.

The most common chemical element in the universe is hydrogen. It is used for example for preserving foods, as a cooling agent in power plants and in many other industrial sectors. It was hydrogen that made modern space travel possible, before that it already drove zeppelins and was considered the fuel of the future. When manufacturing the element, active carbon is used. The gas occurs frequently but is almost always a compound with other substances. To generate hydrogen, there is therefore a high energy and technology requirement and it must be purified with active carbon filters.

You did not find your usage area on the list? No problem. Active carbon is used in many different areas. Whether it is in table filters or in the gold industry, in the manufacturing of cigarettes or respiratory filters. Send us an enquiry. The longstanding partnership with our suppliers enables us to offer a solution to almost anything.

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