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Mess-, Regel- und Steuerungstechnik, CHEMIA BRUGG AG, private Schwimmbäder

Next level pool: intelligent pool technology significantly raises the comfort of your swimming pool.

Keep full control over all processes in the pool

Let our automation options take over laborious maintenance jobs for you. This leaves you with more time for what the swimming pool was made for, namely enjoyment and relaxation in pleasantly cool water.

Through AQUEA Dosilogic, all chemically relevant water parameters are kept on track. pH regulation, disinfection and even the adding of flocking agents are monitored by the intelligent system and fully automatically dosed as required.

The AQUASTAR® pool controls P6 keeps parameters such as temperature or the pool water level constant on the same level and controls filter processes. No matter whether only certain parts are automated or you are looking for full automation, we have a suitable solution to every problem.

The AQUEA Dosilogic brings together the latest technology, full flexibility and a high-quality selection of components for longevity – made in Switzerland. The experience gained from over 40 years of manufacturing measuring, regulation and dosing technology was the basis for the newly developed AQUEA Dosilogic. Intuitive operation, simple handling, compact measurements and up to 3 dosage pumps make the AQUEA Dosilogic optimally equipped for every use.

Our measurement and regulation technology also boasts the following special functions:

  • SEASON START function: the device switches all dosage time limiters and micro dosages off until the target values for pH and Redox have been reached the first time, then the device goes back to normal operation.
  • ABSENT function: the device reduces the use of chemicals when the absence mode is switched on. After returning, switch the mode off and the device will continue to run normally.
  • CHLORINE SHOCK function: the device carries out an automatic chlorine shock, then the device returns to normal operation.
  • AQUEA Dosilogic: technology from public facilities payable for private pools.

Technical specifications

  • Possible measurements: pH / Redox / free chlorine (optional)
  • Dosage: pH / Chlorine / H2O2 / Algicides / Flocking agent
  • Easiest operation via colour touchscreen
  • Microdosage setting
  • Maximum dosage time limit setting
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Ethernet communication (RJ-45)
  • Flexible use from 0.5 m³ to approx. 300m³
  • Flow switch (flow monitoring) in the measurement cell
AQUEA Dosilogic, Mess- und Regeltechnik

In salt electrolysis, the pool water is enriched with sodium chloride (NaCl, also known as cooking salt). If two electrodes are immersed in this sodium chloride solution and connected to DC voltage, the sodium chloride is split according to the charge. This process is called electrolysis (Greek: separate using electricity). The positively charge sodium ions Na+ (cations) wander to the negative electrode (cathode) and the negatively charged chloride ions CI- (anions) wander to the positive electrode (anode).

The actual disinfectant – free or active chlorine – is formed from these resulting electrolysis products. This destroys all microorganisms and is a very powerful disinfectant. In our product range, we also stock salt electrolyses in the LOW salt range – which corresponds to a salt content in the pool water of 0.1 – 0.2 mg/l.

Safety when handling chemicals is primordial. Are you looking for a cost-effective solution for getting a handle on raised chlorate values? Our DDS systems for dosing calcium hypochlorite are low maintenance and low cost to procure and can therefore replace a Javel dosage. We offer the suitable measuring and regulation technology in the form of AQUEA Dosilogic, also with a free chloring measurement.

MAVOX UV/OZON technology – the booster for even better water quality

  • Reduces chlorine odour and chlorine reaction products
  • Minimises the use of chemicals
  • Reduces the work required for pool and pool water maintenance

The function principle

MAVOX® is an important system component in the water hygiene of a pool. This is installed in a linear manner in the water cycle after mechanical filtration and before the pH regulation and before further agents for depot disinfection. Through a Venturi system, which can be adjusted with a regulatory valve, air is drawn by means of underpressure through the UV radiation chambers working in two frequencies. This converts the proportional oxygen of the air into ozone (O3) and gets back into the UV radiation chamber through the water cycle. There it is used for the oxidation of impurities and also for the additional disinfection of the pool water.

Technical features

  • The UV module generates bispectral, highly efficient UV radiation in two wavelengths and at the same time generates fresh ozone for the effective disinfection of pathogens and oxidation of unwanted water elements.
  • Through the ozone jet module, the water enriched with ozone is guided back into the filter cycle via a bypass and before the actual UV treatment.
  • Replacement of the emitters is recommended after approx. 8000 operating hours (i.e. for outdoor pools after around 4 seasons, for indoor pools after approx. 1.5 years).

The controls series iQntrol by Peraqua® offers full control over every pool facility. Smart pool controls have now become the new standard. Thanks to intelligent technologies, the swimming pool gains convenience noticeably. With the iQnnect system, pool components such as the filter pump, heat pump, measurement and regulation technology, lighting etc. can be intelligently networked and controlled through an app. The aim of the unique solution is a completely automatic, safe and sustainable pool system with 100% operating safety. In the iQnnect guide, you can find comprehensive information such as connection plans, product details and much more.

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