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Our analysis systems and our expertise are in demand everywhere where precise and efficient analyses are essential, also for challenging applications.

Test devices and reagents for modern water analyses

Analyses of drinking water, wastewater or water for cooling and heating systems are increasingly important. They serve the continuous optimisation of processes and costs within your company. The longstanding cooperation with our equipment manufacturer in Germany gives us not only professional advice but also application and system support.

The range of photometry systems from Lovibond® ranges from MD 100 and MD 110 as handheld models to the multiparameter photometer MD 200 as a desktop model and the spectral photometer UV/Vis XD 7500 for analytical laboratories. The MultiDirect combines the advantages of an LED filter photometer with those of high-quality rays. Especially robust, portable photometers for quick and flexible analysis on site are presented by the two devices MD 600 and MD 610.

Lovibond® test kits have been especially developed for studying cooling and service water. Both colorimetric and titrimetric procedures are used. To assess the water treatment by means of ion exchangers, we offer various hardness test kits.

For photometric specifications, we offer a wide product portfolio. We distinguish here primarily between reagent tablets, fluid reagents, powder reagents and cuvette tests. To underline the high quality standard of the Lovibond® reagents, a specification is available for each reagent, as well as an analysis certificate for every batch.  

Conductivity, released oxygen, redox, pH, TDS: those who want to control these parameters should use electrochemical measuring devices for reliable and quick specification. Especially directly on site, these devices can cope with any environment, are handy, intuitive and easy to use. For the control of industrial wastewater, drinking water, swimming pool water or water that is used in the food and drink industry, the SD 400 Oxi L, the devices in the SD 300 series, the SensoDirect 150 and 110 or handheld measuring devices of the SD series are useful aids.

Activities in the water that are scarcely visible to the naked eye can be hazardous for health, for the material and whole production processes. Lovibond® provides a product range for identifying pathogens, bacteria, germs and other microorganisms in the water. Our test equipment ranges from dip slides to incubators for test preparation to test kits for non-oxidising biocides and coliform/E. Coli bacteria.

For drinking water, cooling water, disinfectant control, hygiene monitoring or for a safe production environment: with our products you are well-equipped, also for standardised quality requirements or directives.

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