CHEMIA BRUGG goes full power ahead – but electrically

voll elektronischer Kia EV6, Fahrzeug der CHEMIA BRUGG AG,

Our field sales representative Besim Fej was able to start this pilot project and recounts his experiences.

Besim Fej is always on the road as a specialist consultant for the swimming pool business division. His territory comprises six cantons in the north-west of Switzerland. A reliable vehicle is essential for this responsible position.

On 13 May 2022, a pilot project started at CHEMIA BRUGG – in line with sustainability objectives. Besim Fej was the first to drive a purely electric car in our fleet. In the following interview, he tells you about his first impressions and experiences.

What vehicle do you drive?
An electric Kia EV6.

How were the first weeks with the electric car for you?
The Kia EV6 is absolutely great and is quiet and smooth to drive.

How many kilometres do you cover per year?
60,000 to 70,000 kilometres.

How have you found charging?
Charging the vehicle was an adjustment in the beginning and a little tedious. There are only few fast-charging stations in my territory. I use the charging station at the motorway rest area Neuenkirch, Lucerne. In about 20 minutes I can charge around 50%, which increases the range by several hundred kilometres. I make use of the waiting time for charging with a short lunch break or I simply work in the car.

You are driving a highly modern vehicle. Is there anything negative?
Absolutely. Especially the last weeks were not always so pleasant. The temperatures were extremely high and the air conditioning in an electric vehicle uses up a lot of battery power. So in the summer months I had to do without the comfort of a cooled car.

What’s your conclusion?
In my opinion, e-mobility is an absolute winner. I love the driving sensation and of course also the environmental considerations. Privately I would also like to get an electric vehicle sooner or later.

Would you also recommend it to others?
Of course. But I think it would be important to have a charging station directly at home or at work.

voll elektronischer Kia EV6, Fahrzeug der CHEMIA BRUGG AG,